Located along the Loop-202 Freeway, the Chandler Airpark Area composes 9mi2 of employment business parks, industrial, commercial, vacant, and residential, and is bounded by Arizona Avenue (West), Gilbert Road (East), Pecos Road (North), and Ocotillo Road (South).

As the city continues to grow and develop, 18% of the City’s remaining vacant, available land is within the Chandler Airpark. This means that as the Chandler Airpark Area develops, future land use decisions will guide employment growth throughout this area. This plan will be critical in ensuring that future design and land use will both preserve the future needs of the city and its’ airport while maintaining compatibility and supporting the high quality of life in the community.

1997 Aerial of Chandler Airpark Area
2020 Aerial of Chandler Airpark Area

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Land Use

Land Use affects the types of developments, housing, and jobs that can occur and support the needs of the community. Learn More…


Ensuring that the types of jobs located in the Chandler Airpark Area can withstand market trends and changes to the economy are critical as space to develop becomes limited. Learn More…


As the Chandler Airpark Area develops and population grows, ensuring transportation capacity for all users and infrastructure needs are facilitated is important in providing mobility access. Learn More…


Chandler’s population continues to grow and evolve to support all types ages, income, and households. Learn More…