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Between 2000 and 2020, the Airpark Area population increased from 2, 698 to 22,675 people. Most of the Airpark Area population growth occurred from 2000 – 2010, when population increased by over 13,500 people (4,600+/-) households). Between 2010 and 2020, the Airpark Area population increased by another 6,300 people (2,150 +/-) households. The median age of Airpark Area residents is 35.3 years, comparable to the median age citywide of 35.6 years.

Of the 12,000+/- Airpark over 16 years old residents that work, almost three-quarters are in management, business, financial, professional, sales, & administrative support professions. Seventeen percent work in service occupations, and about 11% work in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and production.


The Airpark Area includes over 8,400 rental and owner-occupied housing units. Since 2000, the number of rental units has increased from 9% to 28% of the total number of housing units. This increase reflects new multi-family housing development along Germann Road and in other areas of the Airpark.

Household Size

The Airpark Area is home to families, and Airpark Area household size of 2.97 persons per household is larger than that of Chandler’s at 2.78.

Education & Income

Airpark Area residents are well educated. Over half of all residents hold college or post-college degrees, as compared 44% for the City of Chandler as a whole. More than 1/3 have some college or an Associate’s degree. The Airpark Area median household income is $106,480, as compared to $101,559 for the City of Chandler.