Street Network

The arterial street network is substantially complete, with the recent widening of Queen Creek Road between McQueen Road and Gilbert Road eliminating the last segment of two-lane arterial in the area.

Traffic congestion is generally considered to be moderate in the vicinity of the airport.

North-south traffic volumes near the airport are significantly higher than east-west traffic volumes near the airport because of the east-west alignment of the Loop 202 freeway that is located just north of the airport. Some of the highest traffic volumes in the City of Chandler are on the north-south arterial streets (e.g., Arizona Avenue and Gilbert Road) where they connect to the Loop 202 freeway.

As a major employment center in the East Valley, the Chandler Airpark Area draws employees from all over the East Valley and beyond. Most of these employees commute by automobile using the Loop 202 freeway (which didn’t even exist in 1998 when the last Area Plan was done) and the arterial street network.

Transit/Rail Network

The popular Hamilton Park-and-Ride Lot along Germann Road east of Arizona Avenue provides a way for commuters in the area to connect to downtown Phoenix via express buses that run during the morning and afternoon peak traffic times .

Local bus service in the area of the airport is provided by Route 112 along Arizona Avenue (with a connection on Germann Road to the Hamilton Park-and-Ride Lot) and by Route 136 along Gilbert Road. There is currently no regional or local bus service on any other arterial streets in the vicinity of the airport.

A north-south Union Pacific spur railroad track exists just east of Arizona Avenue. Vehicular access across the tracks is limited to at-grade crossings that are spaced one-half-mile apart from each other.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Network

The arterial street network around the airport provides bike lanes and sidewalk.

The Paseo Trail is a paved shared use path located along the east side of the Consolidated Canal, which runs along the west side of the airport. A connecting shared use path allows people to walk between the Paseo Trail and the nearby Tumbleweed Park.

The Appleby Trail is a shared use path that is paved in some segments and unpaved in others and that is located one-half-mile south of Queen Creek Road.